edit labels on material test to add more zeros

I spent about 8 hours running material tests on stainless steel after I found a color I liked I went to read the labels to duplicate the color setting it was only then that I noticed that it had multiple rows labeled 0.0001. I have spent multiple hours trying to replicate that color by guessing the decimal places… I have come to the conclusion that I need to spend time redoing the test but how can I make it label all the decimal places? Is there somewhere I can tell it in the text setting how many decimal places to print? By the way, there are clear changes in color from one row labeled 0.0001 up to the next row labeled 0.0001 that are in the same column.

For others, this is what Oz provided to your email on the same subject.

Hi Ben,

​If you work in mm instead of inches, you should be able to see all the data there, though you’re actually below the physical precision of the machine at this point, so you’re doing multiple passes over each line.

The only way to change the number of decimals output by the system is for us to change it in the code, which I can do.

that would be great if you could change the code! something has to be changing in the machine for the color to be changing right? it looks like the color isn’t randomly changing, the color appears to be shifting in an orderly manner… I am so confused… so if I switch my setting to mm and rerun the test it will tell me the correct settings for my color?

sorry I am not trying to be rude I am trying to understand, so are you saying with my current setting that the machine will never replicate the color because the machine cant do it. are you telling me I need to try different settings?

No need for different settings, just change the units to mm so that you can actually see what the value is in the row label.

Thank you I will try that for now.
If you could please update decimal places in a future release and let me know that would be fantastic. most everything I do is not in mm and switching back and forth is going to get me in trouble.
thanks again

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