Edit nodes cake topper

Hi there! Completely new here!

I’m trying to edit the nodes on the stem of this cake topper to have a rounded or pointed bottom but when I click the edit nodes tool or try to insert nodes nothing happens?

Also… once welded like I have in these pics, is there any way to determine the width of the stem or do I have to check that before welding?

And lastly… when I have my screen zoomed in on my project, is there any way to move the screen left right up down etc to focus on different parts of my project?


You might have to ungroup to edit nodes.

You can draw a line between two points and at the bottom left of the screen it will give you a measurement.

Middle mouse button will let you pan around, as will holding space and dragging with the left mouse button.

Your project needs some work too btw.


I’d connect the parts circled in red, and the dot on your i isn’t going to be connected to anything.

Amazing, thank you. This is the first project I have done in Lightburn. So thank you kindly for your help!

Alsooo… once welded, can the project be “unwelded” so I can fix the parts that aren’t joined, or am I best to start again?

Thank you kindly

The only way to undo the weld would be the actual undo function in Lightburn. You can finagle some node editing, breaking nodes apart, putting them back together, etc, but it might just be easier to start over. Especially with something simple enough like text.

You can also just draw small circles or rectangles over the bits that need connecting and then weld them in too. If the spots are small, this works well enough.

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Thank you kindly!

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