Edit Perspective?

Is there a way to edit the perspective of our art after pulling it from the library so that we can compensate for the taper of some glassware? I have artwork that I built from the military crests that I’d like to put on some glassware, but it would look like total crap because of the taper without any correction. Photo correction is not applicable here because I’m NOT starting with images, I’m using artwork I’ve already built, plus the correction will vary depending on the glassware used.

Not currently, but this has already been added to the Feature Suggestions page.
See here: Stretch/ distort traced images · LightBurn

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I found another one that was at 23 votes, and 3 years old. Makes you wonder WTF hasn’t this been done yet. Especially since doing tapered glasses is nothing new. So far I’ve only been working on stuff that has straight side, but soon I need to work on tapered glasses.

Free transform tool

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