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ok what am i missing this time, i have the lastest version of lightburn.
im trying to edit a simple drawing mostly i can figure this stuff out, but for life of me i cant figure out how get my drawing to a horizontal position wants i rotate it. the hotkeys are not responding correctly, havent really messed the hotkeys so much untill lately not sure if they worked right before the update on 13th of oct. do i need enable them somewhere in the software, do i need to be connected to my laser (havent tried that yet just thought of it) can you direct me in the right direction?

I can offer a couple of strategies for doing this:

  1. Use the Node Edits tool, select the shape, then place your mouse pointer over the line segment that you want horizontal, then push ‘A’ on the keyboard to “align” the shape
  2. Create a reference shape with a horizontal component. Then use the two-point rotate and scale tool under the Arrange menu to reorient your shape against the reference shape.
    Two-Point Rotate - LightBurn Software Documentation
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something else i didn’t know existed :grinning:
Learn something new each time I come on here :+1:

thank you Sir, i will give it a try.

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