Editing a burn removing unwanted areas

Is there any way to remove unwanted portions of an image?
Or would I have to do that type of editing in something like corel draw?
Thanks for your help.

What are you trying to remove? Do you have a visual?

Just some unnecessary lines in a trace image.

Once you’ve traced and copied the image, delete the reference image. You can then select an area or ungroup and pick different components of the image and delete them if you’d like.

Thank you…
I’ll give that a shot.

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I looked and tried to figure out what you said and well Now I am even more confused.
How do I pick the different components from the copied image?

You may need to Ungroup things first. Grouped objects present a dot-dot-dash marquee when selected, where a single selected object will present an all-dash marquee.

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Thanks, I was going to post pics but was on desktop where Lightburn isn’t activated.

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