Editing a pdf. doc containing pattern with stitch holes

Hi - I have just bought an Ikier K1 Pro 2wW laser and the purpose mainly is to cut leather using pdf patterns. I have tried to use my first pattern and cant seem to manipulate it. The background is covered in the designers watermarks and is originally designed to be cut by hand. I cant seem to trace the image at all and even if I could the stitch holes seem to present a problem as it would appear that I need to trace them individually. I am also concerned that I would lose the scale between pages so am looking for advice on how to proceed with this type of project.

Basically, you should get patterns adapted for lasers, rather than continually beat your head against the wall trying to rebuild patterns presented as images for handwork.

Image tracing depends on having an image with a distinct brightness difference between “what you want” and “everything else”. When that difference does not exist, image tracing can’t extract the former from the latter.

Even with a good image, LightBurn lays a vector along each border between the light area (typically the background) and the dark area (typically the thing you want). That turns thin lines into two adjacent vectors, rather than a single vector along the middle of the line. If your patterns consist of lines, then you must use a graphic editor capable of “center line” tracing; Inkscape and some pricey Adobe products seem to work well.

Other folks may have specific image-wrangling advice if you upload a small piece of the pattern to show us what you’re up against.

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OK Ed, many thanks for the advice. I suspected that it wouldnt be straightforward!! I have been looking for patterns that are suitable for lasers and have found a few, but of course I like the ones that are not in the appropriate format!!!
I was hoping to not have to use photo editing or CAD software programmes as I know I don’t get on with them so will widen my search for laser suitable patterns, but many thanks for your advice.
Regards David

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