Editing Nodes to Create Straight Lines

What is the best way to straighten nodes to turn image into plain outline?
a_Nodes.lbrn (42.6 KB)
I have just randomly selected little brown nodes and hitting delete winding up with a couple of gaps. How can I connect the gaps?
Nodes_Connect Lines

Trim out the areas you want to remove by adding lines around those areas, and then use them to trim out the unwanted areas. Then, draw a line to connect the gap, and use the handles to make a curve that closely follows either side of the original gap.
a_Nodes_RU.lbrn (81.1 KB)

Just zoom in so you can see what you’re doing, and hover over individual nodes and hit “d” to delete them Or drag select a group of nodes and hit “d” to delete them all.
If you delete only nodes and not lines the shape will stay closed.

While editing the node, if you press F1 (on a PC at least) it will pull up a hot-key list for the node editing tool.

There is also a Trim/Extend Video that LightBurn has on their YouTube page that might be help too.