Eeprom fail message

I altered acceleration and maximum speed to see if it would make a difference to the slow machine i have at the moment.
It made a difference for a couple of lines then reverted back to slow.
I looked through the console gcode and noticed this Eprom read failed. Reset and restored to default values. What do i do to not get this message when i have altered gcode, many thanks in advance

You’ll need to re-flash your laser’s firmware to correct that error and be able to write permanent settings changes to your laser’s controller. We’ve got instructions on that here:

I know you’re working with an Atomstack, not a Sculpfun, but the steps are the same.

If you’re not up for reflashing the firmware, you can also set up a Macro in the Console window to make the changes each time you start up your laser. They won’t persist through a restart, but you can quickly reapply them each time you use your laser.

That is an indication that you have one or more bad memory calls in the Eeprom. This is a hardware (electronic) issue in the controller board, and nothing you did caused it. This also means there is nothing you can do to avoid it.

If you have a warranty, cintact your purchase point. If not, here is a long shot: Power off, take a small blade screwdriver and pry up any IC’s on the board slightly, but not enuff to remove. then push them back down. This might restore any loose contact issues. If you accidently pop any out of the socket, be extremely careful to reinsert it properly orientated (dot to notch, if you have to ask, ASK what this means) and not bend any pins.

If all your IC’s are soldered, which I suspect they will be, a replacement controller board is the only solution. While the board is still functional, do a $$ in the Console window and copy the settings to a safe place.

Sorry I could not tell you “Do not blah, blah, blah” and your problem is solved.

Thank you very much your help, will attempt to carry out your advice today

Thank you for taking the time to help out. Will carry out your instructions later today