Einbindung meines Two Trees TTS 10 in Lightburn

Hi wie kann ich meinen Two Trees TTS 10 in Lightburn einbinden?

Plug in the engraver, power it up, plug it into the computer, start the computer, start LightBurn.

If it doesn’t ‘find’ the laser you can create a machine manually to get past that step. Make it the name of your machine so you can recognize it.

Open the console window and see if it’s connected.

Then open the Laser window and confirm the machine profile.

Select GRBL (bottom right) and then the COM port the engraver is patiently waiting on. Select a com port… wait 20-30 seconds to see if words show up in the console window… when the words show up - you are connected.

You should already have the CH340 driver in and running…

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