Elegon Phecda 20w

Just fitted my limit switches setup laser homes to bottom left then when i select absolute coordinates the green square stays in bottom left and not at material to be cut any help gratefully received

That is normal for the green square to be fixed at the device origin when ‘Start From’ is set to ‘Absolute Coordinates’. See the docs linked below.

Use the job Preview window and ‘Frame’ button to see where the job will start and to position your job appropriately.

It can be helpful to mark the outline of the workarea to your wasteboard, so you know
where the absolute origin actually is. Some people take this even further with grids burned into a waste board and a grid template loaded in LightBurn, making it easy to position your work, for example: The Louisiana Hobby Guy: Burning a Laser Bed Grid Version 2!

now red square top right and jogging inverted?