Elegoo Phecda keeps disconnecting from MacBook Pro

Hi, I’m very new to laser cutters/engravers and have never used LightBurn before, so sorry if I’m being stupid!
I have a MacBook Pro with the M2 Max chip running Ventura 13.5.1 and have the latest version of LightBurn installed. I have plugged in my new laser (Elegoo Phecda 20W) and LightBurn found it straight away and it looked like everything was set up. I tried moving the laser head by clicking the directional arrows and the laser moved once, then wouldn’t move again. The only way I could get it to move another few mm’s is to click ‘Stop’ then try clicking an arrow, then stop, then arrow etc etc. is this normal? I would have thought once it had completed the move I should be able to just click the arrow again? (Without pressing stop first)
That’s a minor thing though, the main issue is that the machine keeps disconnecting from the software. It’ll connect when I first start it up, and maybe move a couple of times, but then it disconnects and I have to reboot it to get it working again. Sometimes the console will state ‘Port failed to open - already in use?’ And sometimes it just disconnects and doesn’t say anything. I thought it could be an issue with the USC C hub I was using (as the MacBook doesn’t have any USB A ports) so I tried another one and the same thing happened, so I ordered a USB B to USB C cable to avoid hubs altogether and I still have the same issue.
Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated, I’ve had the laser for a week now and so far haven’t been able to cut anything with it!
Thanks, Joe

Did you find a solution for this?

I’ve had very similar problems and I’m chasing it down to the USB cable.

I’m not sure yet but it looks like it might be the actual USB port on my PHECDA. I’m about to order another new cable to test, unfortunately in my small town i can only get a cable that manages 480mbps and I want to get a 5Gbps cable to ensure there is no speed issues.

I’ve been struggling with this since my Phecda arrived. I’ve got an M1 mini and an M1 Macbook Pro, I tried with a USB cable and also with VirtualHere, nothing worked more than about 1 time in 20. Eventually I gave up and used an old windows laptop, with a USB cable and LaserGRBL, and for the first time everything worked flawlessly and has worked every time since. I will try and add Lightburn and VirtualHere on Windows soon, to see if it’s a Mac or Lightburn problem.

It also works fine with Lightburn and using VirtualHere on Windows, so it’s something about Macs…

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