Eleks A5 Clone/GRBL 1.1h - Commanded move doesn't equal actual move? (x 20mm=x 64mm)

Just getting my 3000mw Eleksmaker “clone” (500x650 size) with GRBL 1.1h loaded on it working after a debacle of a dead LED. That now fixed, I’m starting some test burns.

Ran into a problem almost immediately.
When I command a Move to (for example) X 20, Y 0, the resulting motion is moving to X 64mm, not to X 20mm.
Likewise, a commanded X 50mm is resulting in a position of X 185mm.
The same ratio is occurring with the Y axis.

Everything is going the correct direction, and the zero points (X and Y) are set fine… it’s just making a “macro” version of the movements.

I must be missing something obvious in the Machine Settings, but I’ve been staring at it for a while now… and I’m still missing it! Suggestions welcomed!

You need to calibrate your steps/mm setting.

The formula is simple:

New Steps/mm = (Current steps/mm) x [100 / (measured distance) ]

So have the machine move 100mm and measure the distance it actually travelled and enter it into the formula. This will give you the New or Correct steps/mm to enter in your settings.

Sounds right…
Is that as simple as doing a little division, and adjusting registers $100 and $101, or is there a calibrate function in Lightburn I’m missing?

Just a little division, I edited my post with the formula for you.

Got it! Many thanks!

Now I just have to re-adjust the rapid and cut speeds… that slowed them down considerably, but now they’re ending up where they’re supposed to!

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Glad that got you sorted. Have fun with your machine!

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