Eleksmaker a3 Lightburn Setup Servo Mode

I have been playing with LightBurn and an EleksMaker EleksDraw . . . see my post here LightBurn & GRBL Interface (Streaming a G-Code Program to Grbl) problem

I managed to successfully get the EleksMaker driven by an EleksMaker Mana SE controller working with LightBurn and it works really well! To get this working properly, I updated the controller to the latest version of GRBL firmware (V1.1f) which is relatively straightforward if you have some basic arduino/firmware background. It is then as simple as plug it in and follow the simple LightBurn instructions on setting up your device. There are lots of great videos to help you with this, and using LightBurn, on the LightBurn web site.

With a laser it works very well, but I also wanted to use it with a pen and a vinyl cutter (a simple inexpensive drag knife). To do this, I needed to install a version of the GRBL firmware that supports the RC Servo mechanism on the Z-Axis. I have got this working . . . but there is still a small issue with lifting the servo between cuts/pen strokes (above link explains/documents thsi).