Eleksmaker and Lightburn Settings

I purchased an Eleksmaker A3, which I couldn’t get to work with the original software so I installed Lightburn. My issue now is that the Lightburn software does not detect the A3 as being there. If I go into the control panel it is there. Please help.

Have you tried turning it off, and back on again?

Also, why doesn’t the original software work for you?

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Hi Blake,
Yes, tried turning it off and back on again several times.
The original software would not connect for a similar reason; the software fault read: “Find serial port failed”. I was also told that Lightburn was a far better bit of software.

To me it sounds like you have a defective controller on your machine if the original software and Lightburn cannot find the machine. No amount of fiddling with LightBurn settings is going to fix a hardware failure issue.

When I switch the controller on, the red LED lights up, however, there is a green LED witch never comes on. Does this also indicate that it is my controller board?

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