Eleksmaker GRBL 1.1e or GRBL 1.1F

Getting mixed answers…
I have a Eleksmaker 2.5 watt with PWM
Zax of T2 states to use GRBL 1.1 e (DEFAULT)
Then I see posts where LightBurn says to use GRBL 1.1f
I mainly just do photos and such no cutting

You should generally always use the latest possible grbl version available for your machine. It’s actually up to v1.1h now

Not necessarily so…1.1E was orientated around Lasers …the later versions when looking at changes are orientated around CNC ,with add-ons for cooling mist etc…which take up valuable flash memory

GRBL 1.1e or earlier should use the GRBL-M3 profile. If GRBL 1.1f or later should use the GRBL profile in LightBurn.

Is this what you are asking?

I mainly photo engrave and don;t cut ,is one better than the other…thanks
Nicky Norton

1.1e still had bugs with laser mode that were fixed in 1.1f - that one was the first that truly had usable variable power, so that’s what we normally push people to. 1.1h, if I remember right, added the ability to set a minimum PWM output for G1 moves, and the ability to change the PWM period, both of which are useful for people with CO2 lasers, but not as important for anyone else.

Thanks Oz
Can;t wait to try out your new half-tone…interested if It gives me better results than Jarvis…(2,5 watt diode)
My last tile using jarvis and shape properties

Nicky Norton

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