EleksMaker IVAxis 4 Axis - & Lightburn

Tried finding more info on this - not much luck other than the manufacturers demand to use their software which isn’t going to happen. For using this with Lightburn would I use the GRBL 1.1E firmware for this or something different? Appreciate any assistance. The GRBL 1.1E was easy to update on the 3 axis Board - just making sure its the right firmware before I do it. Eventually this controller will be used for a CNC but need the Zaxis on the laser for a few projects.

GRBL 1.1f is preferred for laser use, because it has speed-based power adjust. As the laser slows, it lowers the power, so you get more consistent cut power when surface marking or engraving. Otherwise, 1.1e works fine, you just use the GRBL-M3 driver in LightBurn.