Eliminating X-Axis Play?

Hey all, I have a Pergear S10 (Rebranded Atomstack A10) and I’ve been having issues with a bit of play/wobble on my X-Axis. Lines come out straight but due to the play the laser is ‘leaning’ and not at a 90 degree angle. I tried to tighten the roller bearings/wheels and the belt but it doesn’t seem to do anything about the play, cuts are still coming out on an angle and horizontal is not cutting nearly as well as vertical lines (Horizontal taking 3x less passes on the same speed)

Any advice or ideas on what I could do to tighten things up a bit more? All replies very much appreciated

Usually one of the wheels are concentric and you can bring it closer to the frame to eliminate the wobble. Look for one that has a small nut on the opposite side of the screw. You need to move it to the proper location and then tighten the nut. It really needs to 90 degrees to the object being lasered.

Welp almost immediately before reading your reply I took the bottom wheel off and realized it’s exactly as you mentioned. Tightened it up and loosened the roller wheels and voila! Fingers crossed I have some better cutting results now

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