Elongated image using LightBurn with a 4 wheel omtech rotary and 2028 60w Omtech

Images are elongated while using 4 wheel rotary device. help please.

I don’t have a Ruida controller but i don’t want to leave you hanging.

Can you post a screen capture showing your rotary settings? if it’s a 4 wheel rotary we might need to know your roller diameter. I’m hoping it’s something simple.

Is the image too long around the belly of the target object?

@JohnJohn states, there is very little to go on.

Which axis?

Who’s… A link or something of it or a ‘like’ type machine is nice for us to have a better clue…

How did you connect it, via the Y axes?

Did you get a manual that gives you the steps/rotation for it’s motor, the gear ratio and the drive wheel diameter/radius?


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