Embedd the rotary settings

Is it possible to have the switch for enable rotary and the x0y0 locations settings remembered in the saved part.
This is so if you go back into a cut or engrave part you don’t wreck the part because you forgot to turn rotary switch or change home position.

I have an extra stepper drive for the rotary and a switch at the connector to the rotary jack which enables the rotary stepper of the y axis stepper. That doesn’t seem to be a problem to remember that step but often I forget to turn off rotary switch and home location.

This is only for saved parts whether rotary or xy mode it would save those two settings in the saved parts.

It’s not possible, unfortunately. This is a limitation of the controller itself, not one of LightBurn - I have to produce data in the formats dictated by the controller, unfortunately.

Thanks, now i know

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