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Is there any way that the fonts that are used in “text” can be embedded in the finished file as I have been using two computers and the fonts on each computer are not the same and when i open the file on the windows computer which controls my lasers it tells me I dont have the fonts for this design.

Apart from trying to install all the fonts and managing them on both computers is there anyway the file can be saved so I dont run into this problem please?

I tend to design on a macbook pro with all the bells and whistles and use basic win 10 intel nuc as a machine host.


Hi, I am not a Lightburn user so this is not a definitive answer, the only way I know of not needing fonts on all computers is to convert the text to curves before hand. There is the obvious drawback that the text is no longer text so cannot be edited although you could keep a copy on your Mac before converting to curves for later modifications.

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thanks I will have a look at that as I wondered if that would be possible , a way of flattening the design to embed everything, I always keep the originals on my mac and backups so I will see if lightburn will do that. thanks for the tip

In LightBurn you can select the text and ‘Convert to Path’ before you save, but beware that this is no longer editable as text. LightBurn will tell you if you are missing any fonts when you load a project, so you’d just need to install those specific fonts on the 2nd machine.

thanks Oz, I also tried saving it as a bitmap which worked but as you say the test is no longer editable,

looks like i will have to try and twin the fonts on the mac and windows machines somehow! Cheers

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