Emblaser 2 Laser not cutting all the way through 3mm acrylic

I have just purchased a second hand machine. I have it connected and downloaded the software (lightburn) and purchased a licence.
It appears to be working fine - be it that I can send the laser an image. However, It is not cutting all the way through the plastic.
I draw a line and change the properties and settings etc so that it is cutting really slow. After 12 passes it will eventually cut through the 3mm plastic.
I have looked this up and there could be an issue with the calibration of my laser or the focal point but am I complete unsure of how to run these checks. I am using the 0.9.19 version and there does not seem to be anywhere to adjust these settings.
Is there something I am missing or could it be another reason why it is not cutting through the material.
I would really appreciate any help. I am new to this machine so please be specific with information.
Kind regards


The emblaser is a visible light diode laser. It will struggle to cut clear acrylic as the light will mostly just pass right through it. You will also have trouble cutting anything that is white as it will reflect most of the light away instead of absorbing it.

Thanks for the message. But I was cutting solid green acrylic. So not sure what the issue is.

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