Enable Laser Fire switch not appearing in Device Settings window

My laser wasn’t firing so I went to the forums and found I needed to go to Device Settings and turn on the Enable Laser Fire switch.
However, when I opened the Device Settings Window, there was no Enable Laser Fire switch.
The window looked very similar to the ones displayed in the forums so I know I was in the correct window, but my window had no switch, anywhere.
Please help as I’m eager to get started.
Longer Ray5 10W Engraver
Yes, device is connected properly
Yes, device reads “ready” and I’m able to move the laser head with the buttons
I’m able to run a job just fine, except the laser doesn’t fire (so no job!)
Yes, the cable connector to the laser is secure and seated properly

It is the 7th line in the Other Options column. This will give you a Fire button in the Move window. This is for checking the position of the part to be burned, like the Frame button in the Laser window. Make sure you selected GRBL, and not GRBL-M3 in the Laser window, Devices button, when you first set it up.

This has nothing to do with the Fire button. Do you get a laser dot when you click the Frame button in the Laser window? If the answer is “No”, we have more questions for you…

As you can see in the screenshot, there is no option to add Fire Laser button within the other options window.
Very perplexing!
BTW, thank you so much for your help!

Also, no laser dot when framing.

Go to the Laser tab and click on the Devices button at the bottom to open the Devices window. In that window, you will see your machine listed. Click on the listed device, then upload a snapshot of that window.

Lightburn controls in the windows are based on what you originally set up.

Will do.
Give me a minute.

That looks correct. Do you have the same problem with the Ray5 machine?

In the Console window enter $30. Tell me what you get.
In the Edit, Device Settings window, what is in the S-value max box?

S-value max set at 1000

They are both the same machine.
I added the machine a second time in case there was some mistake loading it the first time.

Not to Lightburn, necessarily. You can have different setups for each.

Okay, looks like the parameters are good. Can you upload the Lightburn file so we (me) can examine it. Let me know if it is proprietary and you do not wan to upload it here. Hopefully, one of the Gurus are looking over my shoulder. If I do not see anything funky, I will load it to my machine to see if it will burn. That may tell us if it is a project or hardware issue. I have something running on the laser now, so it may be a bit before I give you the results.


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I see that is going to be pretty small. Did you have it running previously?

The .LBRN2 file will have your settings. That is what I need to see.

It’s an image file. I opened it in lightburn, used the trace feature and created a layer. Set the layer to fill. The job appeared in the preview window and tracked just fine using the slider. I hit start and the laser moved as it should, but no laser fire.
There is a red light lit at the top of the laser on the circuit board, if that info helps.

I’m a newbie at this, so I don’t know what a .LBRN2 file is or how to get it.

I’ve watched MANY youtube videos, some great, some terrible. So I’ve learned enough to sound like I know what i’m talking about, but I really don’t.

It is the file you create when you save your work. I created a Projects folder in the Lightburn folder for mine. To know where it is for sure, do a file save as and then send that to us.

It’s very likely that you are working in the CanCam device, not the GRBL device. This may be confusing because they are named the same thing.

I suggest deleting the CanCam device entirely. “Enable Fire Button” should then be visible for the remaining GRBL device.

Hi Mike,
I’m sorry for the delayed response, but as a new member of the forum I had reached my maximum number of responses and had to wait.
Your suggestion to delete the CanCam device worked.
The Enable Fire Button appeared. Yay!
Thank you so much!

It was @berainlb that knew about the CanCam controllers. Glad you are back in business!

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