Enable time percentage remaining

hello friends I m looking for how to enable time percentage remaining I used to have this option when I had dial Laser( i used to see time percentage remaining/ laser running Percentage/ and now a have

50W OMtech laser machine nothing is showing is this option has remove or do I need to go somewhere to enable it

I don’t believe that option ever existed in Lightburn. Probably very difficult to enable since it would require a constant connection to the laser.

If you have a Ruida controller, there is a blue progress bar at the bottom of the LCD screen.

The status bar with the process flow is available for Gerbil machines, I have seen it often when I worked with my K40. But at the moment this machine is disconnected, so I can not provide more precise information.

grbl commands are streamed into a very small buffer. The software waiting to send it knows where it is in the queue.

A Ruida stores the information and runs it. More difficult to determine where it is…


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