End of work acoustic signal

Hi, I was wondering, since it is possible to know how much is left before the end of the work, if it is possible to insert an acoustic alarm in the program, even programmable, which warns us with a sound from the system a few minutes before the end of the work.

It’s unlikely anything like this will be added since it’s a safety concern. The expectation is that you are actively monitoring the burn and not walking away.

This has been discussed a number of times if you want to search and understand the rationale.

Ah ok, I hadn’t thought of this hypothesis. I always check the car, it was just a way to prepare for the new level of work.
Patience. Thank you.

I set my return to finish position to the back of the machine so that the laser head is out of the way. You could install a limit switch to the back rail. When the job is finished, it would move out of the way, hit the limit switch, and turn on a light or some kind of a buzzer.


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