Ending in the near line 4

I have this problem. I need you help.

Stream wird gestartet

Layer C00 Pass 1 of 5

Layer C00 Pass 2 of 5


Auf oder in der Nähe der Linie 4:

Stream fertiggestellt in 0:00













I assume you have a OLM2
In console type
G10 L2 P1 X0 Y0
Press enter
Do $# again make sure G54 is clear

Ok thx we got it. But now we have a new Problem. The leaser works but we do not grinding or cut?!?

Can you send me an image of your wiring
a) motherboard
b) two white plugs behind the Y stepper motor?


The wiring seems correct now.

I would - although not related - flip the limit switch 180~º

Regarding this wires, they always been in this position?

When you start engraving
At the laser head
a) you see fan moving
b) red LED comes on?
c) Blue LED comes on?

LED both when he work

the wires were always in this position

Is quite hard to tell because is hard to see throught he camera but that dot seems out of focus

new machine or worked before?

yes she has worked once. Can it be a setting in the program?

We need to do some laser diagnositcs

Could you please Open a ticket here:

I know is a pain but otherwise i will lose track of where i am and with whom.


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