Engrave Beyond Border Limit

Can anyone help with this one. I have a 7050 laser with a 130watt Cloudray tube. Trocen TL3120 controller. When ever i try and engrave, and i mean any size it never ever completes the work. I get the message engrave beyond border limit. I know its not so dont tell me that it is. I have slowed it down to 130mm/sec (my max is 200mm/sec) It is costing me in materials and custom. Do i change the controller? any help would be greatly appreciated

That certainly looks like it’s within bounds.

So, even running a 2" trinket in the middle of the bed gives you this error?

Yes anything. example I was engraving a piece of slate for a pets memorial. I went through 4 slates before it actually engraved and to do that i had to do each line indidually. Extremly frustrating, but as you can see when is comes to the large stuff and it stops like this it can be very costly.

So, to verify for certain, you get this message even if engraving a 2" trinket in the middle of the bed?

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