Engrave Circles and Squares Not Completing/Closing

I’m having problems with engraves (circles and squares) not being complete,
Circles don’t connect at start/end points,
Squares are not connecting in the corners,
Belt is tight, mirrors are aligned,
I’ve used different power/speed settings,
This issue just started the other day after installing the latest updated version of LightBurn 1.4
Anybody run into these issue that can offer some help/solutions,?
Any help would be appreciated

Perhaps Tabs are inadvertently turned on for those layers?

If not, then take a look at the Min Power setting for the layer, as it may be too low to cut at the start and stop points of each vector.

If not, then upload a *lbrn2 file producing the problem so everybody can take a look.

Thanks Ed,
I’ll try and see what happens

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