Engrave lower (narrow) part of 30oz tumbler

I have a project to engrave on the lower/narrow portion of a 30oz tumbler. The laser head will strike the wider part of the tumbler if the focal point is set on the lower part. Can I turn my rotarty attachment 90deg and have it engrave correctly? Do I need to make any adjustment in the settings once I rotate the rotary attachment?

thank you in advance

If you rotated the Y axes 90 deg, then it would be the X axes… If you have the wire length in the electronics cabinet, you can just swap X and Y drivers. I’m sure this would induce other problems.

I’ll have to think about this, never though about doing this.

I would hope there would be a better way to handle this.

What kind of tumbler are you engraving.? An example would help. Along with a link to the rotary you use.

I have used a longer lens to move me away from the object. That gives you more room for the head…

Do you have any long lenses?

Good luck


Yeti/rtic style tumbler similar to the picture

I have a roto boss rotary engraver

I do have a 4in lens but never used it

I will have to open the cabinet to see the wire length. a good thought

The problem with swapping the cables is then the controller won’t home of do anything your used to…

I’d suggest trying the 4" with the shortest nozzle or with the lens lower in the tube.