Engrave path optimization

I have a cutting board I want to engrave (line and fill) one of the conversion charts on and I have it set up, but when I run the preview the laser is bouncing all over the place. There is absolutely no sense (in my mind) for the places it burns and then moves and goes somewhere else and then back and …

Is there a setting to optimize the path so it just does a side to side fill - it seems that would be MUCH more efficient! As it is now it gives me an estimate of 25 minutes actual burn and 39 minutes of moves


Have a look at this video for a better understanding of the Optimization settings and when and where to use to get the results you’d like.

Additionally, the ‘Preview’ time estimates need to be tuned to your machine to become more accurate. These settings need to be adjusted to match that of your hardware to dial in the estimates.

Check to see if you’ve enabled the ‘Flood Fill’ option. If you have, don’t do that. :slight_smile:

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