Engrave Path Optimization?

Hello! I just set up lightburn and my new ruida laser machine.

I’m engraving 4 items and they are all engraving as if they are one solid object. How do i set it to optimize so that it engraves one object at a time, instead of engraving across the entire sheet?

all of my other lasers engrave one object at a time before going to the next, saving lots of time.

Here is a video of what is happening:

I’m very new to LB, but I just looked on the cut settings editor page and saw that you can choose to fill all objects at one, fill by groups or fill shapes individually. If you are only doing lines, I don’t see that option. If you are filling, though, you can choose.

I cant seem to find what you are talking about

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Are you sure about that? If the objects are spaced out, and the machine accelerates fast, then yes, it’ll take less time to engrave them individually.

When they’re close together (as yours are) or if your acceleration is lower (less applicable here) then the machine spends less time slowing down and speeding up, and more time actually engraving. Running the shapes as groups or individuals often takes longer, though that’s not counter-intuitive for most people.

Ill give it a try and do some tests!

Is there a way to see how long a job should take before you press start?

‘Preview’ is your friend!

Tune the ‘Additional Settings’ tab found in the ‘Device Settings’ to match that of your actual laser performance. Click the “spanner/screwdriver” icon near the top-center to expose.


Thanks rick for helping me dial in my machine settings! But I cant find the preview button


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