Engraved topography map

Timothy, what kind of material did you use to make “Sutton Lake”?
I think everyone who has some connection and knowledge of cartography loves these maps and knows how much work is involved here.

…the same, of course, also applies to Scott`s “Little Ossipee Pound”.

Hello Bernd.

Sutton Lake is just common 1/8" baltic birch plywood. I first sand, then coat with polyurethane.


lol small world im from waldoboro

hi what kind of wood is that? How big is the image and how long did the burn take?

It is Beech…image is about 11x16 and takes about 3 hours or so.

For me I use Howard “Feed-N-Wax” put on a thin coat and no residue or very little that can be wiped away.

Does anyone have guidance/advice on how to actually engrave one of these maps? I have an old plat map from 1913 i’d like to engrave. Everything i see on it is to use a program called snazzy maps but that requires using google maps. thanks in advance