Engraver cut problem

I’m a beginer engraver. I tried to cut this christmas ornament but it’s not perfect. In the begining of the cutting everything was good, you can see on the picture. But few minutes later it begins to tear and didn’t cut the pattern perfectly. I tried to change the settings but the engraver made the same things.

maybe you have the perforation mode enabled

not set, I don’t know what the problem is. He does it well at the beginning, and then he switches.

My first thought is a problem with the design. Have you zoomed in to check it?

Side note: I’ve heard it suggested not to have constant power on.

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well… seeing the photo is too much regular to be random… can you share the .lbrn file for check?

Uploading: christmas ornament.lbrn2…

i uploaded the file

not yet, retry pls :wink:

christmas ornament1.lbrn (56.0 KB)

hope this is already good

i don’t see any evident issue in the file, i’ve cutted it with my engraver and worked, so i think is someting in the setup of your machine.

@makranczyb , Since @killrob has verified you have a good LB file, consider programming less power (<80%) and adding a 2nd pass; you’re cutting at 100% at a very slow speed which translates to long cut duration of max power usage. I don’t own your brand of laser, but having looked up the specs, I see that it has several safety features built in to prevent fire. Thus your cutting results may be the result of the unit oscillating in and out of a thermal limit mode, just guessing here. <80% power usage in long cuts will give you the best longevity of diode (laser source) life also.

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