Engraving Acrylics What am i doing wrong?

Hi Everyone,
New to the game, i’m having a question.
I’m trying to engrave Acrylic but im getting ‘‘strange’’ lines and don’t know how to get rid of them… Maybe you have some tips?

I’m using a K40, the laser is focused, mirrors are clean etc…
PMMA Acrylic.

The only thing that i changed in LightBurn is the Line interval to 0.5mm, by default it was 0.1mm i tought maybe if i change the line interval it won’t having those lines, or less, but no succes.

Here are some results:(speed, power%, line interval)

Forgot to mention:
I’m using masking tape over the Acrylic, tested it without but no result.
Also using airassist.

Try .08 or .06 mm line interval. Also, use as little air assist as possible, Just enough to keep smoke out of the lense. Another trick, defocus your lense a bit to give you a bit bigger/smoother spot size when etching.

What speed is that? 100 km / hour, 100 mm / min, or 100 mm / sec? :stuck_out_tongue:

Your line interval needs to be at least .1mm. At as low of power as you are applying, you can increase the line interval to 0.0635mm.

Can your machine handle a faster speed (if that is 100 mm/sec)? And if so, more power. If your K40 is a 40 watt tube, 10% power seems very low for engraving acrylic.

I’ll throw out a guess here for your machine assuming it is a 40 watt tube and can handle a faster speed:

Speed: 250mm / sec
Power: 40%
Line Interval: .08mm (~300 lines per inch)

First of all, thank you for the reply’s.
I’m sorry for my late answer, the little one was sick and had no time to test.

I’ve done the suggested settings what you guy’s told me.
Also switched the mini gerbil to the standard m2 nano and did a test with K40 whisperer and the result was suprising…

All with minimum airassist.
sorry for my bad handwriting xD

Something with your mini gerbil controller appears to be your problem. I do not have any experience with these controllers, but maybe a firmware update is a start. You should also search this forum for topics on this controller and see what is best practice for configuring it.

Thnx for your reply!
I can’t find anyting on the Lightburn forum regarding this problem…

I’ve tried to ask the question on the Aweome.Tech(mini gerbil) forum, but they aren’t accepting new users…

i’m lost atm:(

Looks to me like bit of jitter. Also offset adjustment would be great. There’s a setting for that in Lightburn. So tighten you’r belts and other parts. Set offset and do some tests. This is what i would try. Hope it helps.

Also , it looks like your using extruded acrylic,. If you can get cast acrylic you will get better looking results.