Engraving and File issues with update 1.1.03

I’m on a Dell Inspiron 7700 running windows 11 and my laser is the XTool D1 10W. I have an SVG file that only engraves partially. The same file engraves with no issue using the XTool Laserbox Basic software that comes with machine. I inspected the design again in illustrator and it looks fine also saved and tried engraving file in Lightburn as DXF, AI, and PDF with same results. The design is a hat patch and the vertical sewing border left and right side is what is not engraving. I was able to duplicate issue with my Macbook Pro running Monterey. My laser firmware is updated to latest V40.30.002.01 B1 I have engraved that same design before with no issues. Any suggestions?

Can you upload the problem SVG file?


Here is what I see from the ‘Preview’ window.

I see that as well on my end. Looks good right? Why is it then not engraving correctly?

Can you do a screen capture like Rick did - but leave your Cuts / Layers settings uncovered. I’m starting to think that the vertical lines (with missing intensity) in your project have fewer horizontal engraved dots in them than the sloping diagonal lines with the same thickness.

I suspect what’s happening is that you’re getting reduced power at the ends from variable power reduction due to deceleration/acceleration at the edges.

Looks like you have no overscan applied. You could try applying overscan to see if this goes away. You could also try enabling Constant Power Mode but this could change the burn at other parts.

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I concur with @berainlb’s observation here. You can see no overscanning has been applied, when viewing in Preview, with the ‘Show traversal moves’ turned on.

I’ve engraved this file and settings many times successfully prior to updating to lightburn 1.1.03. Another key thing I have noticed is files that I already had saved on my computer as lightburn files prior to updating engrave fine. In comparison to this problematic file that has come from the latest version of Illustrator 26.1.

Here is a screen shot of a file that currently engraves just fine but it was saved as a lightburn file prior to update

I see a couple of key differences in that file that could account for the difference.

  1. The border is wider on the state design. This could be enough laser on-time difference to result in an engraving difference.
  2. Your cut settings are both slower and higher power in the second example.

Have you burned the exact same design with a previous version with success? That would be curious. Were there any other changes in the meantime? Especially a firmware update?

Also, was there a significant amount of laser time since you last ran the design? I’ve noticed regular degradation of diodes where a setting at day 1 is too low when run on day 100.

If you can test with an older version of LightBurn that would be telling. I can’t imagine a change in this unless somehow there was a different cut-path possibly generated between the 2 versions.

Open the Console window in LightBurn.
Type the following:
Then hit enter.

Copy and paste that into a reply here.
I’m particularly curious about top speed and acceleration according to the controller.

Your settings are quite different between those two files:

This one is faster, with lower power:

This one is slower, and with higher power:

The slower / higher power one coming out better makes sense, even without overscan.

It’s back to working I made no changes it just started working.

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