Engraving Array Grows with Distance

I am using an AP Laser (Ruida) 4836. When engraving an array of objects all exactly the same size/spacing, the distance between them grows in all directions from the origin point. The objects closest to the origin are spaced well enough but by the time you get to the object on the outside edge the engraving is visibly no longer centered. The first image is just a test of the objects furthest away from the center origin - none of them are centered. Second image is the file I am lasering from which I also created the template out of.

If the error is half the size in the middle of the array as it is at the end of the array you may want to try an axis calibration.

This is worth review:

i would draw a test-box with corners at the centres of the 4 circles on the corners of your array - do this on another layer so you can turn the test box on and and your main-art off for your calibration.

This worked perfectly! I had to make small adjustments to the X and Y calibration. Thank you!

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