Engraving artwork - ? trace function

Hi all! I have a HPC LS3060 with ruida controller. I’m hoping to engrave a friend of mines fineline pen and ink illustrations on birch ply. I’m after some tips on how to get the best result. I have tried the trace function with one of her drawings and at first sight (on the screen), it looks pretty good but I’m just wondering if it is really just as simple as just using the trace function? Any tips on how to make it laser as well as possible would be fantastic. Also, the ply will have rounded edges, is its possible to continue the engraving onto the edges? Many thanks!

Yes, it’s sometimes that simple. Best advice would be to get some scrap material and engrave some samples to see how it looks when done. Sometimes, you just need to sacrifice some material to do testing and see how things come out. As for the rounded edges, it will carry over to there to a point, depending on the focal length of the lens you are using. The further it gets out of focus, the lighter the engraving will be, and it will widen out as it gets out of focus as well. Again, experiment to see how it looks.

Thank you very much, Steve!

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