Engraving balsa 3mm

Hello all,

what can be wrong with my machine or settings when i try to engave 3mm balsa.
Topwishdom 40watt co2.
I tryed from:
LW: Fill (also tryed line on max setting 1%)
100mm speed up to 500mm
Min power 0 through10%
Max power 1% through 100%
and the results is always the same, it burn all through


Did you just get this built, as in, is this a new issue?

What is max power set to 1% or 100%?

I have a 50 watt and I have max power set to around 10 or 12% for marking (engraving) wood or paper.

Most co2 dc excited lasers won’t lase much below 10%.

Congrats on building your own. You should post some pictures… we all like to see other peoples machines, especially diy…

Mines not diy, but I’ve done a bit of work on it…


I never had to engrave (Fill) before , so i think its new.
max power has been set from 1% to 100% and in between.

here is my setup just for the fun:

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