Engraving brass rifle casings

Welp with the help I recieved yesterday I was able to get through 8 different test case scenarios that allowed me to find the right settings for engraving brass with LazerBond 100 coating.

Happy camper!!!

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Would you share your machine power settings and speeds for this success? My attempt with the same product resulted in a coating which abraded too easily, which resulted in my surrender.

Sure Fred.

Brass cleaned with acetone.
Good coat of coating.
Speed 1mm/sec
21mA for power
Fill only.

It looks like it came out pretty nice, but I’m having a hard time with the “1mm/sec” part…

That’s about 2.36 inch / minute

If that text is 1 inch long and 1/8" high, and you scan at 500 lines/inch, that’s 1524 seconds or more than 25 minutes to complete the job and that’s not even including the overscan distance/time which probably adds 50%.

Is that correct? Is it really taking more than 30 minutes to do that job? Or do you have something mixed up in the units setup?
1mm/sec is just dead slow.

edit to add: The settings in your video in the other thread also show 1mm/sec, but the laser head is quite clearly moving MUCH faster than that.

I noticed that as well. Is the controller ignoring your speed setting? Does it show the 1mm/sec on the controller panel when it’s running?

You know guys let me check that. Could I have made a setting change that would ignore the input?

I took a video this morning of the settings and show the speed on the controller.

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