Engraving Cast Acrylic

Hello all. I have a CNC 3018 pro. When engraving on the cast acrylic, are you supposed to do just line outline or a fill? Which has the best results?

You can do either. What is it you are considering to create?

I think it’s apples and oranges. If you engrave a line, it has to have width which will be filled in, but will be a relatively narrow line compared to a fill. Consider the common smiley face. One could engrave the outer circle, but the line has to have body in order to be engraved. If you want a thin outline, set it to cut, but use low enough power to not cut through.

If the entire circle is set to engrave, the entire surface will be lasered, presuming that the facial features (if you can call them that) will be not set to engrave.

I wanted to try and engrave a picture, but not sure where to start. I figured out the settings to fill objects but can’t figure out how to possibly add a image to it settings wise

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