Engraving changing size.?

Hi, I just started having this problem where when I engrave something it shrinks along the y axis, the longer the engraving in the x dimension the worse off the y axis shrinking is. When I cut something the dimensions are just about perfect for a 1×1 square. If I engrave something to be cut out the engraving is shrunk and the cut is perfect. I cleaned the machine, checked bearings, tightened belts, cleaned wheels, to no success. This is a new thing so I doubt its due to software or machine settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That doesn’t make much sense - longer on one axis should not have any affect on the other axis. Are you sure it’s shrunk?

Yeah I know right… its weird. So if I engrave and cut say an earring if I do one it works just fine but if I duplicate so I have two side by side or if i run just one but at a faster speed it gets smashed along the y axis making it not fit right for the cut out. I engraved an “H” at .7in tall and it came out perfect, then I engraved “Hello is there anybody out there” and the “H” on hello was like .6in. The strang part is that the sentence is about nine inches wide while a pair of earrings being maybe 3.5in wide but the squish seems just as bad or sometimes worse. This didn’t start until I started testing faster x axis acceleration speeds but reverting doesn’t seem to fix the problem. It almost seems like the machine is ommiting y steps or like the y axis isn’t traveling the right distance. Also the start of the engraving is always fine, it starts squishing more and more closer to the end. I checked the axis calibration, both moved 5in. on the dot. And I don’t feel tight binding spot in the belts.

Thanks for the response. I’ve been racking my head trying different things

Your in the twilightburn zone

It sounds like the machine may be missing steps on the Y axis - it’s possible that your upper-end speed settings are too fast, and when you run a longer horizontal it moves quicker, and slips when it’s taking the corner. It’s a long shot, but I’ve seen weirder. :slight_smile:

@olddogTim lol for real

Thanks for the input I’ll keep tampering with the acceleration and max acceleration speed tomorrow.

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