Engraving detail please help

Ive been doing tests today with my laser and I cant seem to get any detail with my pattern. I made this pattern to test settings to find ones that gives me a decent amount of contrast but so far Ive only been able to engrave 2 values. The white space is left alone while anything grey or black all looks the same…

Does it have something to do with the type of laser? Ive tried using grayscale settings as well as some of the dithers but I just get the same results. Or maybe its the file itself? (seen below)

Any advice would be much appreciated I am totally stumped.

What settings are you using. “Grayscale or dither” is one setting. There are many others that affect this as well, so post a screen shot of the image settings box, and we can make some suggestions.

Nothing special in terms of settings really. Ive only been changing the power and speed but I just get the same results.

Try bumping your speed up to 3000 mm/min. I suspect you’re going too slow for grayscale, though the dithered version should work well enough.