Engraving details items

Hi all, I have recently got the HPC laser and are using lightburn for all my files. When I create the design in coral draw then send it to lightburn it pulls up about 4 different layers then I have to choose the power, the speed, either uni or swing and which setting I want to put them on but it just doesn’t engrave the detailed Wellys correctly and I’m literally guessing all the right setting and it’s burning areas I do want engraved and vice versa. Is there something I’m doing wrong as I know with the epilog laser you just send it to print and it just engraves the full item and just engraves the black darker, the lighter colours not as deep and the white areas it leaves and doesn’t engrave at all. That’s the ideal senario for me. Can someone please help or give some advise on this as I’m starting to feel this machine isn’t fit for purpose.

I’m hoping there’s just some software or something I’m doing wrong to make it like the epilog but il await your comments.

Any help appreciated.

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