Engraving extra space

I have imported a file from Ai and selected the inside text and border details for engraving/scan. and and the outside line to cut. When I preview the file it is engraving not the thin borderline but the entire 1-inch space around the design (from the thin border to the outside cut line). What am I doing incorrectly? I would upload pics but I don’t think I’m allowed as I am new, Thanks.

It’s pretty hard to tell without seeing the file or at least some images. You can upload pictures at www.imgur.com and paste links here.

You can directly upload photos to the forum. In the row of icons above where you enter text for a message it’s the seventh icon over from the left … with the up arrow.

@JaredH Thanks I can only upload 1 image as a new user so here is the link to both.

I just what to engrave the black text and lines and cut around (the green line)

Thanks. https://imgur.com/a/BGT8x3f

Screenshots of your layers and cut settings might help too. The best thing to do would be to upload the lbrn file for us to check out. From what I see though, your green line should be set to cut, and your black should be set to scan or scan/cut, whichever you’re trying to do.

When you say “engrave the black text and lines”, do you mean that you want the text filled, but the lines marked “as is”?

If that’s the case, you’d need to put the lines on their own layer (color), set to cut, but with lower power and/or higher speed. Because the lines are in the same layer as the text, LightBurn is treating them as shapes that you want filled, just like the text.

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Oh my goodness THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! That worked… (in the preview) I will try to actually cut it now!! And the time went down to 3 min. MUCH better!!!