Engraving (Fill) but seem like only outline

Hello everyone. I’m very new to laser engraving. I have a 80W chinese red/black laser. Trying to do some solar sticker for customer.
By some how, i’m setting the machine to run on
Speed 600/ pwr 19% the engrave turn out fine except for small text got double line instead of fill.
Design using illustrator, lighthburn version 1.0.04

The preview show it’s a solid fill text.

Tried slower the speed but does’t make any change.
:frowning: Does anyone know what could be the problem?

Thanks in advance

It might be helpful to see your settings …

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Here is my setting

Q1: do you really have air assist?
Q2: why are you trying to fill at 19% power?
Q3: have you made an engraving test to see what your laser is capable of?

Hi michael.

  1. Yea i do have air assist as i can feel the air blow out where the nozzle is
  2. Is there anything wrong with this setting? As im new to engraving so i just done the test to find the good setting on material

    Here is the test i’ve done

Are you happy with the result? If not, do the same test again, except change the scan angle. See what you get.

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