Engraving going through

If my engraving is set to Speed 100 power 80% and fill and it is burning through, should I lower the power or increase the speed to lessen the depth?

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Either should accomplish the same thing…


I would lower the power first, not only would this soften the engraving, but it would likely add lifespan to your laser. Changing the speed would not.

Just my $.02.

Running a Material Test to find the proper settings will eliminate a tremendous amount of wasted material.

Once you have that, an Interval Test will help pin down the proper scan line spacing for engravings.

Then you can set the layer parameters based on actual measurements, rather than guesstimates.

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I actually did that prior to the project and thought it was a good setting. Then when I did the small project only one side burned through. After posting this question I did a more thorough test and found better settings to get the desired results. Thank You for your input.

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Thank You for your reply! I appreciate your help! I’m really new at this.

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Thank You for taking the time to reply. Your help is appreciated.

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