Engraving half a trace

I traced an image, resized it to 550x400, only burns partial then stops. One with the boot started at the bottom then stop 10min in. Tried a different picture (skull) but it started mid way. Did a trace engraving half the size and it came out fine. That was my first try beforebi went to these 2 large attempts.

Does it say anything on the controller at all? Like, ‘Not enough extend space’ perhaps?

Was the skull image sitting where you’ve shown it when you engraved it? It looks really close to the bottom of the machine, so it might simply have been out of bounds. Did you frame the job to make sure it would fit?

Neither lightburn or engraver read out an issue. I even tge frame option ensure the head had the travel. However, i engraved a slightly smaller print and worked. I will work a little more to see whats going on

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