Engraving image on wood

I took a picture converted it to black and white in ImagR brought it into lightburn when I look at it by right click on image adjust set it to grayscale it looks great set speed at 6000 power at 5% or 20% 254 dpi then preview it it shows a very dark image . then no matter how I play with it when i preview its always way to dark dark. don’t know what i am doing wrong - Jeff

Hi, Jeff, your best bet is to use the ‘adjust image’ function.
Right click your picture, it’s in the menu.
You can also do adjustments from there although i find the ‘shape properties’ easier as my garage comp is close to useless.

Hi Chris when i click on the adjust image function and I adjust it it looks great but then when i run the preview it looks way to dark so is the image in the adjust image screen what I will end up with? thanks -Jeff

just to be sure what i am saying is when i click the preview icon at the top (looks like a tv) and it shows the burn in action and tells approx time

Hi, don’t use the ‘preview’ to show you how the picture will turn out. Adjust image is the best one to use.

Ok thank you, I hope I can run this tomorrow - Jeff

You need to zoom the Preview window. There is a lot of detail that is hard to represent with pixels at the resolution. Zooming will reveal these details.

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