Engraving in Reverse

Complete noob here to LightBurn and lasers in general. I’m I need to make a setting change either on my laser, or in LightBurn, but not sure where to look. My issue is my projects are burned in a reverse image. The text should read MARDET, but it’s backwards on my work piece. Any info is appreciated. Using a Ruida controller.


Where do you have you ‘Machine Origin’ set in the ‘Device Settings’ window and where does your system home? My Ruida is set to home to the upper-right so that is where mine is set in LightBurn.

How does this look in the workspace and ‘Preview’?

The machine origin is set to lower left, but home is upper left. The preview looks normal. Also, I have this set to start from User “Current Position” and I line up the laser start point just to the upper left of my project.

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If you flip that setting to match the home of your system it will correct the output. Change Machine Origin to the upper-left.

Will give it a go - thanks!

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