Engraving issue

Hello board :slight_smile: I have a aeon mira 5 with rf tube 30w. I met a new problem today :slight_smile: Issue is like on the picture. Im trying to engrave some shapes. The power of tube is set to 20%, engraving speed 400mms. One directional or two directional engraving no makes any difference. The laminate is flat, no bend. Any ideas where can be problem?

Don’t have an RF excited laser, but assuming you are removing the white, then it’s not firing in those white areas.

Is this scan or fill…?

Is there anything unique in those areas?

I’d try upping the power, although that machine should lase at pretty low power settings…

If it’s an image, the minimum power may be an issue…

That’s my best guess…

Good luck


Its just a fill. Its nothing special and no unique there. Just a simple woman icon. rf tube have a 2 years old. I hope its not end yet :sweat_smile: I need to tell you, aeon mira is not a so cool machine as I thought before buying in my opinion. Maybe for cutting is good but no for engraving if you expect more than average quality. Bidirectional engraving makes vertical lines. My old cheap chinesse machine works better sometimes than mira :upside_

down_face: ok i’m done ranting… :innocent:

Sorry it’s not living up to your expectations. RF excited machines command a much higher price and I’ve seen very good work from them. There are a couple users here with them.

Can that machine run at 800mm/s? Most cannot…

Is the response time of the machine quick enough to run 400dpi@800mm/s?

In the end it’s the same reaction to generate the laser beam. One of the advantages is a longer life. I understand that you should expect about 10 years out of them. I know one of the people I’ve spoken used his 10 hours a day for about 7 years before the laser tube required any maintenance. He had it refilled, which you can’t do with a glass tube…

One of the things I noticed is the 400 dpi/lpi. This relates to a spot size of 0.065mm. You must be able to produce a spot that size or smaller in order to actually get 400 dpi…

My China Blue could only manage a 0.10mm spot size. The best I can expect is 254 dpi for that size of spot. With a compound lens I can get to about 0.05mm, from my best measurements.

Some RF machines put a beam expanded in the path and can produce a smaller spot size…

IMHO, I think you have a very nice machine, probably a higher grade of both quality and performance with the RF excited laser than any glass tube model.

Not having one, I can’t say from personal experience, so it’s an opinion and lots of reading posts from people who do own them.

If you are having intermittent issues, where it’s failing, that another story.

I don’t know how you could even diagnose that without intimate knowledge of how the electronics work.


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