Engraving Kraft-tex

First I’m not sure if I should. I’ve been looking around and it seems some people do. Can anyone point me to something that is definitive? Next would be settings. I’m using a 300x500 50w ruida laser. I run lots of leather at 400 speed and 13% power with good results.

I am no expert but google told me, http://www.ct-publishing.com/CPSIA_pdfs/kraft-tex1_MSDS.pdf

The msds says it’s rubber and paper. I’ll bet it will have an interesting odor but would probably be not-dangerous.

I think this guessing is what @snag was trying to avoid. I was not very successful in finding much about this product nor the manufacturer, but I did not dig extensively.

That is affirmative. The SDS wasn’t super helpful. I was hoping for a laser safe leather alternative for clothing. I’m going to try the Saddle Collection from JP and see how that stuff goes. I tried leatherette and was super thrilled with it.

Maybe someone will see this at one point and can point me in the right direction. Also, I’m not sure if this was the right forum for this topic. Might be better suited in a different section.

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